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Creativity, understanding and connecting people is at the core of our activities. Why only using these collective skills for creating consumer products?

Words, words, words

In case of for example a merger, a rebranding campaign, a reorganization or a culture change you need to communicate. To all involved.

What do you do? Well, send out a message, over and over again across all types of channels, including get-togethers, training and similar activities. Words, words, words. Important, but all quite intangible.

A tangible message

We can add value to this process by creating a matching design icon, a so called brand object. You can share this tangible representation of your message with your target audience. Together with the message wordings this iconic object will enhance the impact of your set goals. It is beyond storytelling.

Connect, understand, create

If you open up to us, we will profoundly connect and understand your goals. Subsequently, together we can realize an impactful design icon fitting and boosting your chosen company message and goals. 

A brand object enables your organization to touch people in a deeper way than only words can do.