Unique mix of design and business

Founders Seroj de Graaf and Jeroen Pliester represent a unique skill-set and network in product design, manufacturing and business innovation.

For each project a team of best-in-class dedicated partners is involved.

SerojdeGraaf by SjoerdSpendel 3 4Kant LR.jpg

Seroj de Graaf

has acquired extensive experience in product design, development and manufacturing. Seroj aspires to design and develop unique products, which blend minimalism and luxury and are on top of their league. Various designs are available through premium channels.


Jeroen Pliester

has gained extensive experience as entrepreneur and business developer in creating and transforming businesses. Jeroen has a passion for people, the arts and design. His inclination is to have a slightly different look at issues thus creating successful scalable business concepts.

With dedicated partners we design and develop successful and globally scalable design products.