Successful design with impact

In an increasingly volatile virtual world there is a need for deeper connection, represented by tangible design products with lasting impact. Design icons.

In collaboration with partners we design and develop outstanding products; standing the test of time due to character, quality and distinctive details.

Our core capabilities

  • Design with a twist
  • Understanding businesses and brands
  • Connecting innovation with craftsmanship
  • Zeitgeist is our middle name
  • Global focus, local touch
We connect innovative minds creating future design classics as beacons in an ever-changing world.

Every grand design starts with a plot.

The plot

All our projects start with a plot. This plot encompasses an idea, a vision or a concept captured in a brief story combined with specifics on the who, what and why. The plot is an open invitation to all targeted collab partners. It’s the origin and the inspiration for the next step in realizing an outstanding result.

More than a product

At New Design Associates product design is intrinsically linked with business development. We work in close alignment with the client on the design and development of a production-ready product. If required, we are also involved in positioning, distribution-strategy and related matters. 

Our focus

Lifestyle, fashion and brand products.

Our goal

Creating globally scalable, exceptional and commercially attractive products.

Great designs are the result of a collaboration between skills and passion. A balanced mix of creativity, vision and structure.


NDA office

There is more

Creativity, understanding and connecting people is at the core of our activities. Why only using these collective skills for creating consumer products?

Words, words, words

In case of for example a merger, a rebranding campaign, a reorganization or a culture change you need to communicate. To all involved.

What do you do? Well, send out a message, over and over again across all types of channels, including get-togethers, training and similar activities. Words, words, words. Important, but all quite intangible.

A tangible message

We can add value to this process by creating a matching design icon, a so called brand object. You can share this tangible representation of your message with your target audience. Together with the message wordings this iconic object will enhance the impact of your set goals. It is beyond storytelling.

Connect, understand, create

If you open up to us, we will profoundly connect and understand your goals. Subsequently, together we can realize an impactful design icon fitting and boosting your chosen company message and goals. 

A brand object enables your organization to touch people in a deeper way than only words can do.

– 7 VALUES –

In a dynamic world values never change.

In all our activities we are guided by 7 core values

  1. Top design: aesthetics and quality
  2. Innovative: product design meets business savviness
  3. Durable: a design and business model that will last
  4. Smart: lean, mean and successful
  5. Scalable: global reach, local touch
  6. Connecting: people & product
  7. Fun



Unique mix of design and business

Founders Seroj de Graaf and Jeroen Pliester represent a unique skill-set and network in product design, manufacturing and business innovation.

For each project a team of best-in-class dedicated partners is involved.

SerojdeGraaf by SjoerdSpendel 3 4Kant LR.jpg

Seroj de Graaf

has acquired extensive experience in product design, development and manufacturing. Seroj aspires to design and develop unique products, which blend minimalism and luxury and are on top of their league. Various designs are available through premium channels.


Jeroen Pliester

has gained extensive experience as entrepreneur and business developer in creating and transforming businesses. Jeroen has a passion for people, the arts and design. His inclination is to have a slightly different look at issues thus creating successful scalable business concepts.

With dedicated partners we design and develop successful and globally scalable design products.




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The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)20 - 261 02 65

Dutch Chamber of Commerce: 60593393
VAT: NL853975243B01

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